cold-brewed coffee ice cream

Sometime this past spring, I discovered cold-brewed coffee, and it was a miracle.  I’m sure everyone around me must have gotten tired of hearing me go on and on about it endlessly.  But it really is pretty brilliant.  Making it involves nothing more than mixing up some coffee and water and letting it all sit at room temperature for a while.  It’s a lot smoother and less bitter than coffee made with hot water, and it is mainly really excellent for iced coffee, because it makes a coffee concentrate that you can just store it in the fridge for whenever you want to drink it.  It’s also, apparently, really good in ice cream.

When a friend and I decided (sort of spontaneously) to make ice cream the other day, coffee seemed like a good choice because of the cold brew we had in the fridge.  And I’m happy to report that it was a good idea!  A very very good idea.  This ice cream contains not just cold-brewed coffee, but also some coffee-steeped milk.  It’s nicely coffee-flavored, although to give it a stronger flavor you could increase the coffee/milk steeping time (we only left it for about 45 minutes, the time it took us to go buy some cream), or the amount or strength of the cold brew.  I also really like that it’s not too creamy; instead, it’s light and just a little bit icy from the milk and water, which makes it more refreshing like iced coffee.

Cold-Brewed Coffee (from Smitten Kitchen)

The general ratio for this is 1/3 cup of ground coffee to 1.5 cups of water (adjust to make the amount of coffee that you want).  Combine the coffee and water in a jar, and let it sit at room temperature for 12 hours.  Then strain and filter it, and store it in the fridge.  This makes a coffee concentrate; to drink it, dilute it half-and-half with water or milk.

Cold-Brewed Coffee Ice Cream

2 tbsp. ground coffee

1 cup whole milk

2 cups heavy cream

1/3 cup cold brew concentrate

About 1/3 cup sugar

1/2 tsp. vanilla extract

Combine the coffee and milk in a bowl and let it sit in the fridge for 45 minutes to an hour (or longer, for a stronger coffee flavor).  Strain the milk and add the sugar to it, whisking until the sugar is dissolved.  Whisk in the cream, cold brew, and vanilla, and then freeze in an ice cream maker.

This would be good with heath bars mixed in, or anything else chocolatey, really.  I haven’t experimented yet with different coffee strengths, but you could adjust the amount and/or strength of the cold brew, as well as the milk-brewed coffee.  Depending on how you adjust the coffee, you might also want to adjust the amount of sugar.

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  1. clairedair said:

    Your PHOTOGRAPHY, Rosa! So gorgeous. Also I’m obviously incredibly envious of everyone who got to partake in this.

    (pee ess: apparently one of the big “local” SF ice cream makers here is called Double Rainbow. I got a pint of their vanilla for red, white, and blue floats yesterday. Just thought you’d appreciate the sentiment even though it can never measure up to your homemade creations.)

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