Monthly Archives: April 2012

I was super determined to make these macaroons.

It’s Monday, my last semester of college is steadily winding down (only four more weeks of classes, which is absolutely insane), and I’ve been at home for a couple days on hanging-out-with-the-dog duty (the cat too, but she’s a bit more self-sufficient) — that’s what happens when you go to school close to home and have a college-visit-aged brother.  Just so happens that it’s Passover, and it’s nice to be at home, where there’s a refrigerator full of yogurt and matzoh ball soup, instead of combing the dining halls for Passover food at school.

I wanted to make these macaroons last night, but it was a bit of a last-minute plan and it was foiled by Easter.  I tried to pick up some coconut and raspberries at Stop and Shop on my way home from school yesterday evening, only to find the parking lot nearly empty and to watch another apparent non-Easter-celebrant try in vain to walk through the automatic doors.  I’d forgotten it was Easter, and that Easter meant closed supermarkets.  So the baking was postponed to today.

Even though staying at home makes it feel like a weekend (and I’ve therefore been unable to make myself do anything other than cook and watch Downton Abbey), I actually did have to go to school today.  After class this morning, I had to drive around for what felt like forever to gather ingredients, because neither Whole Foods nor Trader Joe’s, the most convenient stores on my route home, carry sweetened, flaked coconut.  After finally locating some at Stop and Shop (go figure), I returned home not sure whether I actually had time to make macaroons and eat lunch and walk the dog before I’d have to leave again and go to work…. but I made them anyways.

And I totally had enough time, which just goes to show you that this recipe is super easy to crank out.  Macaroons don’t require much.  I was excited about the raspberry/coconut combination, and it really is good.  It’s kind of like eating a jam-thumbrint cookie, except without the cookie… or the jam (but you get my point?).  Because all the ingredients are ground in a food processor, these macaroons are softer than my family’s standard chocolate recipe, for which the coconut is kept flaked.  These are much less chewy, and are closer in texture to those not-so-delicious storebought macaroons from a can.  Good for people like me who are sometimes a little chewing-inhibited.  (Although I do think my time crunch caused me to underbake them a little… but not so much that it was a problem.  The raspberries make them wetter as well.)

All in all, these macaroons were worth the extra craziness they added into my day (says Dad: “Best macaroons I’ve ever eaten”).  I’d recommend you make them, even if you don’t celebrate Passover and aren’t quite so limited in your cookie horizons.

You can find the recipe (along with food photography skills that I aspire to) over on Smitten Kitchen, where it was born.  We don’t have almond extract, so I substituted vanilla.